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A Phantom of the Opera Reading Community
Discussion Post 8 
23rd-Jul-2007 03:07 pm
a2a rabbit hole
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Summary for Chapter Twelve:

After a frightened Christine and Raoul believe they have seen two eyes watching them from the roof of the Opera; Raoul returns home to find two eyes again staring at him from the balcony. Raoul's one hope of elopement dashes when Christine abruptly disappears, in front of everyone, when she's on stage.

Possible Discussion Questions:

-Do you believe that Raoul really did see Erik or was it a cat?

-Why do you think Leroux wrote Raoul and Phillipe's encounter as a scene?

-In this chapter a shadow is mentioned. Later in the novel Erik describes the shadow as someone other than himself. Who or what do you believe it is?

Summary for Chapter Fifteen:

Those who work at the Opera are in a fury between trying to find out what has happened to Christine's disappearance and the managers' strange behaviors.

Possible Discussion Questions:

-Why do you believe Leroux put this chapter here? Especially when the reader wants to find out the fates of the three main characters?

Summary for Chapter Sixteen:

A hopeless and desperate Raoul searches all over the Opera and outside of it hoping to somehow rescue his Christine. He is then rushed into the managers' office as the Persian tells him, in so many words, to leave Erik alone.

Possible Discussion Questions:

-Again why does it seem Leroux wants to distract the reader from the main action?
28th-Jul-2007 06:03 pm (UTC)
I don't think Erik was there. Think about it; he just kidnapped Christine (again). Wouldn't he be too busy with her to go annoy Raoul? Since there was blood, I'm led to think it was just a cat.

I think that Raoul and Phillipe's encounter was written as a scene because that's how it would have appeared to outsiders, and Leroux wants us to see things from different perspectives.

Oh, the shadow in fourteen. I don't remember that...I'm going to have to reread/skim again. Chapter fifteen is another part where it's just the story from a different perspective again, I think. Same with Chapter sixteen, although it also serves to introduce the Persian again.
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