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read_poto's Journal

A Phantom of the Opera Reading Community
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This is a Phantom of the Opera Reading Community where we will discuss the original novel by Gaston Leroux, chapter by chapter. This was based off of a Harry Potter reading community, read_hp.

Banner was graciously made by rjdaae. Layout was made by gossymer.

Reading Schedule:

We will begin reading June 1st. Every week we will be reading around two chapters and discuss it here Fridays at around 3PM Eastern Time.

View the whole reading schedule here.


No flaming.

So what if you think Christine should have gone off with Erik. Or if you think Erik is just a homicidal maniac. We all have our favorite characters and our ships. We can agree to disagree. Besides if that's what you want to discuss this isn't the place for you.

Limit the references/comment about other Phantom versions

Remember this is a book discussion focusing on Gaston Leroux's novel.

Harassment will not be tolerated

If someone is harassing you through this community please contact sabrinafair2, christineopera, glamtron, or madrigalist. If you are caught harassing someone there will be one warning. If it continues to persist we will not allow you to participate on this board. If it escalates to a certain point we will report you to livejournal.

Spoilers are allowed

Sorry but if you haven't read this novel before it might not be the best place to read it here, especially if you hate spoilers.

So basically no personal insults, insulting of the mods, trolling, and flaming.

Have any other questions/comments/concerns? Ask them here.