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Discussion Post 7 
13th-Jul-2007 03:27 pm
a2a rabbit hole
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Summary for Chapter Twelve:

I'm sorry to say I accidentally deleted this post.
16th-Jul-2007 09:18 pm (UTC)
I think the emphasis of the 'innocent' nature of Christine and Raoul's love is because they are so similar they could easily be siblings. As was discussed in one of the earlier posts, they are quite similar in looks, and I've come to notice that their tempers are also somewhat similar, although Raoul is much quicker to anger than Christine. In addition, their love is somewhat innocent. There isn't much of a physical side to their relationship (not like the Bois and Phillipe anyway).

Other childlike elements in the story...Erik's lady friend for one. Christine also in a way 'plays' that she likes Erik when she's with him, although that's one sided in its falsehood. Mama Valerius as a whole character strikes me as childish, so soon to believe in the Angel of Music along with Christine. Raoul's idea that he can save Christine is a bit childish; obviously if Erik has such a hold on her (even one through terror) that should signify that he's going to need some help.

As for Erik's nationality, I don't really see any evidence that points to anything other than his being French, though I'm interested to read others' ideas.

I don't think Christine comes back to Erik because she's naive/impressionable. As it was said in a previous post, she could just be trying to play the two men to come out on top. Perhaps she thinks she can take hold of the situation; she can continue her voice lessons with Erik and then drop him for Raoul and a safe future. That is an interesting thought though that she returns because of a feeling she owes him. I suppose maybe that could be it, although I like my idea better. :D
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